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Key Factors to Consider when Searching for the Perfect Mountain Bike

When you are searching the top mountain bikes for sale there are a few key essentials to keep in mind in order to find the bike that is a perfect match for your needs.  Since used mountain bikes come in a wide variety of styles, and sport different equipment, itís a great idea to know what youíre looking for before you begin your hunt for the right one. 

specialized epic expert carbon

specialized epic expert carbon

Price: $1,450.00
Time Left: 32m
GIANT ANTHEM X 1 26" wheels small frame

GIANT ANTHEM X 1 26" wheels small frame

Price: $1,350.00
Time Left: 36m
First, you may find you get better deal from a used mountain bike for sale than from a new model.  Used mountain bikes for sale are usually 15% to 75% less expensive than new bikes, which creates a lot of room for value.  If the frame and rims are in good condition, you can replace components like brakes or grips and still save plenty of money over a new bike.  Itís a good idea to compare the price of new and used models of the mountain bikes for sale to determine just how much the used mountain bikes are discounted.  

Secondly, always take into account your predominant style of riding when shopping for mountain bikes for sale.  Many low and moderately priced used mountain bikes are more for the generalist who rides a variety of terrains, from smooth trails to fairly rugged ones, cross country racing or serious downhill slopes.  As you progress into the more expensive mountain bikes for sale they tend to be more specialized.  

Thirdly, decide whether you want to shop used mountain bikes for sale that offer full suspension or whether you are content with a hard-tail model devoid of rear suspension.  Whatís the difference?  For comfort, performance and superior control a full suspension bike is unbeatable.  For peddling efficiency, less weight, and cost savings a hard-tail used mountain bike for sale makes greater sense.  

The final consideration when perusing mountain bikes for sale is usually the components that the bike has.  However, if you have specific preferences regarding frame style, fork, seat, tires, derailleur, etc., itís going to be hard to find a bike that features all of your favorites.  This is true whether you are shopping for new or used mountain bikes for sale. 

When it comes to components the best bet is to try to save on the bike purchase by selecting a used mountain bike for sale and then switching out the components you donít like and replacing them with ones you do.  Choosing disc brakes versus rim brakes, standard tires versus tubeless, and aluminum or titanium rims versus steel rims are just a few of the options youíll need to make decisions about.   

Among the top brands of mountain bikes for sale there are no bad bikes Ė just some which would be a better choice for you.  With some serious forethought regarding your riding style, essential components and budget youíll have little trouble differentiating the bikes available and choosing the new or used mountain bike for sale that is best for you.